I am going to be extremely straight-forward with you in this article. I am not going to explain every little thing in detail. That is what search engines are for. I know what works and what doesn’t, and I am going to share what you need to know about creating websites and monetizing them. Get comfortable, take notes and learn something. Please read the full article before starting your project. You will be way better off, trust me.

I do not own any of the websites or services I recommend. I recommend them to you because I have used them before or I am currently using them. They helped me with my online journey and they might help you with your journey as well. I can not guarantee that you will have success. I can not guarantee the experience you will have with any of the services I recommend to you.

With that said, let’s get started!

Section 1: Getting Started

3 Types of Websites

If you have never created a website before, there are 3 options I recommend to make it as easy as possible.

Blog style websites, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builders and E-commerce websites.

Blog Websites

According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.


blog website

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builders

WYSIWYG website builders are very simple to use because they allow you to drag and drop elements onto the page such as text, images and html elements.


E-Commerce Websites

An e-commerce website allows you to sell your products through your own website.

Smile More Store
Smile More® and RomanAtwood.com are property of Roman Atwood. I wanted to show you a REAL example of an e-commerce store that sells their own products.

Now I want to explain each option in greater detail. Let’s start with…

Blog Website

Using a website that uses WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is the best way to create and run a blog website.

However, using a free WordPress website hosted at wordpress.com is NOT the route I recommend taking. The best thing you can do is go through another company that uses WordPress CMS. It will almost always be cheaper, the hosting will be better, and you will most likely not have a subdomain, such as yourwebsite.wordpress.com.

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I recommend to start and learn how to build a website.

A blog website allows you to create posts and pages about your niche that can easily be updated at anytime.

Your goal when creating a post or page is to help others with something regarding your niche and have it ranked number one in search engines for specific keywords. Depending on the keyword, the number one ranked result will receive targeted traffic, that converts well and earns you money.

Sadly, it is not that easy. No matter what anyone tells you, it is very hard to get ranked number one in search engines. IT takes a LOT of hard work, dedication and time.

Is a blog website right for you?

Owning and managing a blog website can be hard work and it’s not for everyone.

I found this very helpful article that shows you 19 Types of websites you can create with WordPress.

It explains the capability of WordPress and how it can be used.

Owning a blog website requires you to…well…blog. You need to be able write articles and answer questions regarding your niche.

Always pick a niche you can communicate with others about, or you will fail.

Like I said in my introduction, I was not going to explain everything in great detail. However, I do know a service that trains you on everything you need to know and provides you the tools and help to become a leader in your niche.

I mentioned it earlier and that service is called Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and I highly recommend you to join if you are new or even experienced with creating websites. You can join for free and receive 2 WordPress websites and training or you can upgrade your account to a monthly membership and have access to everything they offer. You will not be let down. I have been a member at Wealthy Affiliate since December 2015.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Website

WYSIWYG website builders are hands down the easiest website builder to learn to use. I personally love using them because of how easy they are, and the ability to do basically anything you want to with your website. I have tried many different ones out, but the best one I have found is Godaddy’s Website builder v7. I don’t think it is still available in their products section, but you can contact them and you will be able to purchase it.

You have the ability to put many different elements on your page that will make your page look exactly the way you want.

Godaddy website builder v7 different elements you can add on your website include: – Text – Images – Slideshow – Photo Gallery – Navigation bar – Share buttons – Facebook – Twitter – Mapbox – Blog/RSS Feed – Custom Forms – Youtube Videos – Buttons – Shapes – Lines – Html code and other elements.

Other WYSIWYG website builders include but not limited too:







There are a lot to choose from, but I have the most experience with Godaddy website builder v7.

The biggest disadvantage of using a WYSIWYG website builder is not being able to blog and restrictions of creativity.

You can’t make your website interactive as well as a blog website. You can create new pages but it is not considered a blog.

The main advantage of a WYSIWYG website builder would have to be that you can make it look like anything you want it to look like.

E-Commerce Website

If you want to sell your own products online, you will need an E-commerce platform.

E-commerce platforms make it easy to setup and design your website, add your products, set your prices and taxes, manage the orders, your customers, sales, inventory and even offer customers coupons and gift cards.

Yes, E-commerce is a powerful tool that is capable of a lot. It takes a while to get the hang of it and learn how to manage everything correctly.

Then again, what kind of business is easy to run? Let me know…

E-commerce mainly works when you have actual physical products to send and ship to customers who purchase from you. If you do have products, I HIGHLY recommend Shopify for all your E-commerce needs. Their service and customer support is excellent. You will learn everything you need to know on their website.

Section 2: Monetization

Monetizing your website is the process of earning money from your website. There are a LOT of ways to monetize a website. Take a look at this great article I found: 33 Ways to Monetize a Website (or a Blog) https://websitesetup.org/33-ways-to-monetize-website/

I am going to explain the best, most trusted and reliable ways to monetize your website. You can try any of those in that article, but I recommend using an Advertising Network or try Affiliate Marketing for beginners.

Advertising Networks

An advertising network (AN) allows you to display advertisements on your website and the advertising network pays you a certain amount of money when your visitors click those advertisements. Advertising network platforms only work when they have plenty of advertisers spending money advertising their product or service. How much you earn is determined by the AN itself.

The best Ad Networks that I know of are: Google Adsense, Media.net, Advertising.com, Infolinks and Adhitz. Adhitz is good for making money niche websites, and the rest are allowed on many other types of websites.

You can be paid for showing advertisements by a few different ways:

– Paid for each click (Pay Per Click)

– paid for 1,000 views (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

– Paid for a sale (Cost Per Action)

PPC is when the advertiser pays the AN a certain amount for each click on their advertisement. You will receive a fair percentage of each click and the AN keeps the rest.

CPM is how much you will be paid for 1,000 impressions shown to your visitors. This number is always fluctuating and is determined by the advertisers.

CPA is when your visitors click an advertisement shown on your website and purchase their product or service. You will receive a percentage of each sale. This is related to the next method, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is where you join an affiliate program offered by a company, website or business or individual that allows you to promote their products and/or services to your friends, family and website visitors. When you make a sale, you earn a certain percentage of that sale you were responsible for.

Some Affiliate programs are only available to you when you are at a member of an Affiliate Network. An Affiliate Network is a collection of affiliate programs from many different companies that you can promote without having to join each one individually. Some Affiliate Networks do require you to be approved before you can promote a specific product or service.

Here is a real example of how an affiliate program works:

I am currently a ClickBank vendor with one product, my e-book Recruit More Direct Referrals. ClickBank is an Affiliate Network.

Any member of ClickBank can get a special URL called a Hop-Link (affiliate link) to promote my e-book and when they make a sale, they receive 50% of the sale. Simple as that.

You need to have a trusted website with quality content before people will buy anything from you. Again, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to do that. Affiliate Network websites allow you to join affiliate programs or promote products and services exclusively through them. The top affiliate networks I know of are:

Amazon Associates



Commission Junction


Sell products or a service

This is not something you want to do at first, unless you already sell physical or digital products and/or a service or you are in the process of creating a product or service. After a longer period of owning your own website, you may decide you can create your own product, and I say, “Go right ahead, there is nothing stopping you.” I am not being rude or sarcastic saying that, because I truly believe EVERYONE can create their own products or service. I recommend taking a look at what Pat Flynn, owner of SmartPassiveIncome.com, has to offer at his website. He has a few e-books and a lot of podcasts that help you get started selling your own product.

Premium Content

I have never tried this, but if you are an EXPERT at your niche, you can create premium content that only people who pay will have access to. Premium content can be anything from a membership website, expert guides, step-by-step courses, subscription to anything, etc… Your content needs to be better than anything you can find before you go charging people for something they can find out for free.

Section 3: Tips

Pick the right niche

I can not stress this enough. You MUST pick a niche you know a lot about and you want to know more about. Trust me on this. People will know if you don’t know what you are talking about. If they find out you don’t have a clue about what you are talking about referring to them, they will not trust you and will most likely leave your website, and will always have a bad opinion about it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is where your visitors sign up to receive newsletters or updates from you. Usually, you will offer your visitors a free gift, such as an e-book or guide as a bonus for joining your list. From the start of running your website, you need to have an email marketing platform implemented so you can stay in touch with your potential and already customers. I recommend MailChimp as a free email marketing provider, but I have found GetResponse to be perfect for my needs in a paid provider.

Build Trust

If a random person came up to you while walking down the street and said, “Hey, you want to buy this product?” What would you do? (This is only a metaphorical example.) Depending on the product, you may buy it, but you wouldn’t trust the person and you wouldn’t know where it came from. In the online industry, people will not buy from you or through your referral links if they do not trust you. That is how it works. You build trust and prove to people you are a real person and you know what you are talking about, people will realize that and trust you more, thus leading to a potential customer.

Buy a unique logo

Before you ever publish your website, you need a high quality logo. Not only does it build trust, but it builds brand awareness for you as well. A custom and unique logo that is relevant to your niche is what you are looking for. I recommend Fiverr.com for buying logos. You can receive many different types of services for $5.00 or more.

Buy a WordPress theme

Free WordPress themes are not the best. They only include the basics and you are very limited as to what you can do. Most WordPress themes are pricey, but you will have a better experience with a purchased theme. If you don’t use WordPress then you have nothing to worry about. Free WordPress themes are added daily and some are, in my honest opinion, terrible… What you should look for is the ability to change the navigation bar, the logo position, the sidebar elements, etc… You want a fully customizable theme.

Search Engine Optimization

I am not going to explain SEO much, because I don’t have much experience with it. What I do know is, you need to have your website set-up in a way that is helpful and useful to your visitors, as well as helps the search engine robots analyze your content and rank your website accordingly. There are hundreds of websites that offer SEO tips and other information. What I recommend is to research for free and see what you can come up with.

How to get traffic

Traffic is an essential part of owning and maintaining a profitable website. Without visitors on your website for a reason, you will most likely not make any money.

Traffic is gained from search engines, advertising, social media, referrals and people going directly to your website.

I am going to briefly explain each and tell you what works from my experience. You can do your own research.

Search Engines | You receive traffic from search engines when you have an article, blog, review or page on your website that the person who is searching, is looking for. There is a lot of competition, but keep building your domain authority and trust.

Advertising | You can advertise your website many different ways. Advertising networks, banner advertisements, Text advertisements, Social media advertising are just a few different ways.

Social Media | If you are an avid user of social media and people know who you are, you can gain traffic by creating a page about your website or implementing your website on your social media profile.

Referrals and Direct | If someone visits your website from a link on another website, that is considered a referral. When people type your domain in the address bar, that is considered Direct.

Never give up

That is right. Never give up. Unless you absolutely can’t afford to own and run a website (a business). It takes time, hard word, motivation and especially dedication to run a website. If it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? If you are not earning anything from your website, I know how you feel. Trust me… I just kept trying different things, until I found that perfect formula. That is exactly what you need to do if you feel like giving up. Try something different and contact me anytime for advice.

Final Words

This article was about website creation and monetization. I shared with you every way I recommend trying and some helpful tips. For beginners, what I recommend you do now is to join Wealthy Affiliate, for free and spend a little time figuring out their website, and try building and managing a blog
website through them. They teach you everything you need to know and their community is very helpful as well. You will have access to 2 free WordPress websites, 2 free domains with .siterubix as the subdomain and everything else to get you started. After a while, you may decide to upgrade to Premium membership. You will receive everything WA offers. Learn more on their website. If you already own a website, KEEP creating high-quality content on a regular basis that people will want to share with others.
That is about as simple and straight-forward as I can put it, and what I consider the key to success when owning and operating a website. You have to keep posting high quality content and search engines will rank you accordingly. Once you have steady targeted traffic, you will have much greater success at making money.


Services I recommended in this article:

Wealthy Affiliate

Articles or websites I mentioned in this article:

Wikipedia Blog website Definition
19 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress
33 Ways to Monetize a Website (or a Blog)
Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome.com
Again, I do not own any of these websites or services.

Other Websites I mentioned in this article:

Amazon Associates
Smile More Store
Commission Junction
Google Adsense
If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, leave a comment down below and I will get back to you very soon.

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