We’ve all been there…

Making that first search for, “How to make money online” and finding all those methods that seem totally unrealistic and too hard to actually do.

make money online

I made “the search”, you probably made “the search”, we’ve all made “the search.”

The problem you have when you search for that is, you will not find anything that will teach you exactly what you really need to be doing.

Luckily you found this article because I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m going to be extremely straight-forward with you.

The #1 legitimate method of making money online is creating and running your own website. (In my opinion)

It’s as simple as that.

You can try other methods, but having your own website is always going to be the best option for anyone.

Nowadays, starting a website can be done for FREE in less than a minute.

I only recommend one service to make it happen.

Wealthy Affiliate

I know, I know. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) doesn’t sound like something that will give you a website for free.

However, WA does just that, and a lot more.

When you join WA, preferably as my teammate, you are joining a community of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs that love helping each other succeed in this very tough industry.

WA was founded and is owned by two guys named Kyle and Carson.

When WA first started, I think it was only a subscription service for keywords. Now they have evolved into a unique and powerful service that provides you with so much, for so little.

Let’s get right into what Wealthy Affiliate offers its members.

First, you need to know there are two different membership options.

FREE or PREMIUM membership.

The image below shows you the difference between the two and everything WA provides you with.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

FREE members at Wealthy Affiliate can (will):
– never have to pay a dime. It’s free and always will be.
– participate and receive help from the Live Chat for your first 7 days.
build and host 2 free WordPress websites for free through Wealthy Affiliate (Keep in mind your free websites will have the siterubix sub-domain name, websitename.siterubix .com).
– have access to the 1st level of the Certification Course and the 1st level of the Affiliate Bootcamp.
– receive 30 free searches through Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Tool.
– participate in WA’s affiliate program and receive monthly recurring commissions.

PREMIUM members at Wealthy Affiliate can (will):
find and register your own domain names for one flat rate, $13.99/year or $15.99/year.
host and manage up to 50 websites. 25 of websites with your own domain and 25 free websites with the siterubix sub-domain name.
– have access to ALL the training Wealthy Affiliate offers you. You will have full access to the 5 levels of the Certification Course and all 7 levels of the Affiliate Bootcamp.
– always be able to receive help from the Live Chat and you can send and receive private messages to fellow WA members.
– attend a live webinar every Friday hosted by Jay. The webinar is always a different highly informative topic.
– have UNLIMITED searches using the keyword tool.
– learn even more and receive help from the 12 Training Classrooms.
– receive twice (2X) as much when you participate in WA’s affiliate program.
– receive website comments and feedback through the SiteRubix Platform.
– get 24/7 support for your websites and a detailed analysis of your website.

Like it says at the bottom of the image, the FREE membership is for getting started and the PREMIUM membership is for those ready to earn.

This article is about FREE education to start and run a website, so I want to explain the basics of how WA makes it possible, and then I want to explain the training courses that will teach you everything you need to know about successfully running a profitable website.

First, How do you build a website through Wealthy Affiliate?

Simple, immediately after joining, you hover over or click the blue tab on the left side that says “SiteRubix Build your websites here,” then click SiteBuilder.

siterubix manager

When you click SiteBuilder, you are sent to the page where you will build your website.

If you are a FREE member, you can only build a free website, which will have the .siterubix domain name.

If you are a PREMIUM member, you can build your website on any domain you own at any registrar, registered or transferred to WA.

This is the SiteBuilder page:

build website

Choose the type of website you are building, choose your domain, name your website, find a theme and finally, create your website.

Give it a few seconds to create and that’s it. You just started your website.

Now, you need to learn what to do next, which is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate provides you with as well.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a few different types of training that everyone can benefit from.

Learn to Build Your Website

The main two courses are the Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp course.

Here’s how to choose which is right for you:

You should start with the Certification Course IF YOUR NICHE IS “NOT” MAKING MONEY ONLINE. Meaning you will be promoting anything else other than helping others make money online. You will make money (when done correctly) but you will not be promoting the make money niche. Let’s say your niche is being a handyman. You can join affiliate programs that sell tools and provide a link to the tool you reviewed or used in the project.

You should start with the Affiliate Bootcamp IF YOUR NICHE IS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Meaning, your website will be about making money online. It doesn’t matter what kind of making money niche you choose, but you will be helping others make money. You will earn money when someone purchases the product or service you’re promoting.

It’s really as simple as that, but I will explain both courses a bit more.

The Certification Course teaches you how to create a niche site and create high-quality content about your niche that ranks high in search engines. You learn how to monetize your website using the best practices and you learn how to socially engage your website visitors by being extremely helpful and a leader in your niche.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is where you learn to promote Wealthy Affiliate and other make money online programs through affiliate marketing. You learn how to set your website up and promote products and services. You learn exactly how to target people who will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate and get them to join as your referral and receive your help.

FREE members have access to the first level of both courses. There are 10 lessons in each level that are filled with highly informative information that will truly benefit you. Premium members have full access to all the training and services Wealthy Affiliate offers you.

The free education WA offers you to help you build your website is better than anything you will find online by searching how to build a website. Trust me.

You will not find another service that offers you two free websites and training to help you build your websites, as well as an awesome community of inspiring entrepreneurs.

I think I have explained Wealthy Affiliate enough to you. I have a feeling you are ready to get started building your website and starting your business, for free.

If you haven’t joined Wealthy Affiliate yet, become one of my teammates and always receive my help by joining through my affiliate link, here.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, leave a comment down below and I will get back to you very soon.

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