I wanted to give another quick update because I am so close to launching my new product (guide).

Things have to change and get done before it’s ready to go live and be ready for purchase.

The first major thing that will change is growyourteam.net will no longer be available. I have removed everything that deals with growyourteam and changed it to my newest guides pitch page. I registered a new domain and I am going to use growyourteam’s hosting to take over for the new domain. Growyourteam was not that successful, so I was going to change something eventually.

In Summary: GrowYourTeam.net will be removed.

It hasn’t taken place just yet, I wanted to give notice first.

After the other domain name is switched to the previous hosting and new pitch page, I have to wait for it to be approved or denied by ClickBank before it’s ready for purchase and promoting.

Next, I updated the way DirectRefs.com looks. I made the page smaller and that’s about it. Not much on that. Hopefully it will increase conversions for the affiliates that are promoting it.

Last, I am going to removing the e-book page and update the Home page at both The PTC Place’s. You will then get to see what my new guide looks like and most likely be able to see the new website. You won’t be able to purchase it just yet. Real soon, I hope.

It’s going to take me a while to remove everything on this website that deals with GrowYourTeam, so bare with me and my apologies if you were actually using growyourteam. You won’t be able to view the course on the website, but you will still have the email version, so it works out.

Get ready for my new guide, it’s going to help a LOT of people. Hopefully YOU!

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