I wanted to update you on why I haven’t posted lately. I’ve been revamping and creating content for one of my old sites that I haven’t done anything to in about 2 years. I’m still working on it, but it’s getting closer and closer everyday.

The Top 15 promoters of the week (#21) who had the most visitors to their Top PTC page. You can receive a Top PTC page, Here.

1. Cecan – theptcplace.net/cecan-top-10-ptc.html

2. Theowest – theptcplace.net/theowest.html

3. Gyrol – theptcplace.net/gyrol-top-10-ptc.html

4. VR REDDY – theptcplace.com/neobux1.html

5. RevenueInfo – theptcplace.net/revenueinfo.html

6. TopGPT – theptcplace.net/topgpt.html

7. Vierkovic – theptcplace.com/vierkovic-top-10-ptc.html

8. Mianom – theptcplace.com/mianom.html

9. Akharkea – theptcplace.net/akharkea-top-10-ptc.html

10. Kyleejai – theptcplace.net/kyleejai-top-10-ptc.html

11. SiteBoss – theptcplace.com/siteboss.html

12. Click Accurate – theptcplace.com/click-accurate.html

13. iTrustEarning – theptcplace.net/itrustearning.html

14. Nilesh – theptcplace.net/nilesh.html

15. Cleyderson – theptcplace.net/cleyderson.html

Members who have promoted their Top PTC page the most between: 7/31/2017 – 8/6/2017

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, leave a comment down below and I will get back to you very soon.

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