I changed a lot at The PTC Place yesterday, and it will benefit you.

The first thing I did was, update everyone’s Top 10 PTC page that had GrandBux and ClixSense on it. I added their current payment processors to make it correct.

Second, I deleted a lot of pages and put EVERYTHING on the Home page.


What I mean by that is, instead of a lot of pages on the Main navigation menu, I put everything on the Home page. The way it should be.

There are only 4 pages on the top menu now. (Home, Receive a Page, Legal and Contact)

The bottom menu has all the policies instead of on the ‘Legal’ page. Speaking of the polices, I added a ‘Refund Policy’ page. I am working to implement Payza as an option to purchase a Top 10 PTC page.

I am also planning on LOWERING THE PRICES of my e-book, Recruit More Direct Referrals, and a Top 10 PTC page.

I haven’t quite figured out what the price should be. Let me know what you think the price of both should be below.

Third, I removed the advertisements on the sides.

I have been trying to make The PTC Place better for you to promote, to increase your conversions and your money. If you are not making money, you are going to stop promoting your page. Simple as that.

So, by removing the advertisements on the side and shortening the menu, I am hoping your visitors will focus on the page content (your Top 10 PTC websites) instead of a bunch of advertisements and a bunch of menu options.

It should be a win/win for both of us, at least that is my goal. I still have to make money, but you should see an increase in your conversion rate as well, if you are advertising on good websites.

Last, I started the Top 15 Promoters of the week section. It’s currently at the top of the Home page. It’s not a contest, there is no prize, but it gives you an idea of who promoted the most during that week. It doesn’t show how many visitors you received, but there is a link to your page.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, leave a comment down below and I will get back to you very soon.

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