SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group is a BBB registered company that was launched in 1998 by Gery Carson.

sfi headquarters
SFI’s corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Gery’s goal when he launched SFI was to, and I quote:

“put a dent in the universe by creating SFI, a ground-breaking program that would utilize the Internet to empower and enrich the lives of millions of people around the world.”

That is exactly what Gery did.

SFI is the internet’s #1 affiliate program.

SFI Affiliate Center
SFI Affiliate Center

SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to tap into the worldwide e-commerce revolution. Anyone of legal age in his or her country can become an SFI affiliate for free by filling out an online registration form. There is no obligation or purchase requirements of any kind.

Once registered, affiliates are provided with professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to the affiliate.

For each sale generated, SFI pays the referring affiliate a commission.

Additional commissions can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups.

The mark of a successful company can be seen in its track record.

SFI is now in its 19th year, with millions of dollars in annual sales and millions paid in commissions to thousands of affiliates around the world. SFI’s parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is now in its 32nd year of business and is registered with Dun and Bradstreet. SFI affiliates operate with the peace of mind brought about by associating with a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history.

There is no obligation or purchase requirements of any kind, SFI’s “About Us” page states.

In my own words, SFI stands for Strong Future International and for over 19 years, SFI has been one of the Internet’s top affiliate programs.

SFI members (You and Me) are the affiliate body of TripleClicks.com, which is a group of retailers and a popular Penny Auction (owned and operated by SFI owner, Gery Carson) that generates millions of dollars in monthly sales.

As an affiliate to TripleClicks, you promote the products, games, and auctions to your friends, co-workers, or people you meet on the Internet and when they buy products, play games, or participate in the auctions at TripleClicks you earn a commission.

We also have 5 other streams of income, including a massive profit sharing program.

Getting Started With SFI

When you first join SFI, it will seem very confusing.

That’s because there is a lot of information for you to read.

However, if you take my advice and ignore everything for now, and start with the LaunchPad Getting Started Training located at the top right corner of the SFI affiliate Center, you will be perfectly fine.

LaunchPad Getting Started Training
LaunchPad Getting Started Training is the rocket ship

Go through all the chapters first, then go back and go through each lesson and you will learn everything you need to know.

The LaunchPad Getting Started Training includes 61 lessons (goes by rather quickly) that explains everything SFI offers you, what you need to know, how you earn money, how to generate sales, and how you will get paid.

At the end of the training, you have the option to start the Internet Income Course 2.0, which is where you learn create a website, get traffic, build a brand, be social and a lot more.

However, I recommend something else though. After finishing the LaunchPad training, go to growyourteam.net and follow the Grow Your Team system I created.

Grow Your Team

The grow your team system allows you to start building your team by duplicating a proven system. You receive the e-book and/or website with your affiliate links in it. Your visitors join through your affiliate links and receive their own e-book and/or website with their affiliate links in it. It allows you to build an active team as easily as possible.

How To Make Money With SFI

Earning an income with SFI is easy, when you know how it works. If you have less than 1,500 VP, you can only earn from 2 ways. Acquire more than 1,500 VP, and you can earn from all 6 ways.

The 6 ways to earn money from SFI are:

​​1. Direct Commissions – You will earn 45% of the Commission Volume (CV) on all purchases made by your PSA’s and your Personally Referred Members (PRM’s) to TripleClicks. PSA’s and PRM’s are yours for life and you will earn commissions for life when they are active.
Qualitfication: Affiliate
​(More on Qualifications later)​

2. TripleClicks Executive Pool – When you acquire at least 1,500 VP monthly you are considered an Executive Affiliate (EA), and you will be entered into the TC Excecutive pool. 40% of the CV of all products and services sold through TripleClicks is where the revenue for the pool comes from. For each VP you acquire during the month, you will receive 1 share of the monthly pool. You can earn unlimited VP during a month. You can earn more VP when you build your downline.

3. Co-Sponsor Commissions – A Co-Sponsor is someone who is assigned by SFI Corporate, similar to your sponsor, your co-sponsor shares in the financial benefits and support responsibilities of the affiliate of whom he/she is the assigned co-sponsor. You can become the Co-Sponsor of other affiliates and earn 15% of the CV from them when they purchase and you can earn matching VP.

4. TCredit Bonus – TCredits are TripleClicks currency that are valued at $1.99 for a single credit, and they allow you to participate in everything TC offers. You can play Eager Zebra games, bid and win products through PriceBenders Penny Auctions, you can sell products through TripleClicks, use TCredits to purchase thousands of products at TC, award your affiliates, use as a contest prize, and you can even offer TCredits to attract new TC members to become your PRM.

5. ECA Referral Program – TripleClicks invites Merchants to participate and sell their products and services through TripleClicks. These sellers are called E-Commerce Affiliates (ECA). When you invite new ECA, you will earn 10% of the CV for life and you will earn 100 VP when the ECA makes their first $10 in sales.

6.​ SFI Pay-Per-Action – SFIPPA is where you act as an advertiser for SFI and you can earn a bounty for getting new members to take action on certain things, such as filling out a form. This is an optional earning method for SFI, and certain Terms and Conditions obviously must be followed.

SFI Membership Levels

When you first join SFI you are considered an Affiliate, until you accumulate at least 1,500VP. Then you are considered an Executive Affiliate (EA). There are 7 different memberships that you can work your way up to. Each one is better than the other and you will receive a lot more benefits when you work your way up to the highest membership.
I am not going to explain what you will receive from each membership. You will learn more about each after you join SFI. I am going to show you the membership types and how much VP is required to keep that membership monthly.​

​Affiliate – No monthly VP requirement
Executive Affiliate – 1,500VP monthly requirement
Bronze Team Leader – 3,000VP monthly requirement
Silver Team Leader – 4,000VP monthly requirement
Gold Team Leader – 5,000VP monthly requirement
Platinum Team Leader – 6,000VP monthly requirement
Diamond Team Leader – 1,500VP monthly requirement

Each membership has its own benefits. Affiliates receiving the least benefits and Diamond Team Leaders receive the most benefits.

Your goal is to reach Diamond team leader.

How to earn VersaPoints (VP)

VP are points awarded to SFI affiliates for completing daily, weekly and monthly tasks.
You can also earn VP from your purchases at TripleClicks, your affiliates purchases at TC, supporting your

You can earn VP by (when):
– completing daily tasks.
– completing weekly tasks.
– completing monthly tasks.
– completing your profile.
– purchasing products or services at TripleClicks.
– your affiliates purchase products or services at TC.
– referring active ECA to TC.
​- supporting your Team.
​- winning points at some of the games at TC.
​- you distribute TCards to potential affiliates.​​​

How to be successful with SFI

Like any kind of business, success WILL NOT happen overnight. SFI is not a get rich quick scheme.

You need to know exactly how SFI works before you can fully understand and run your business.

That is why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND starting with the LaunchPad Getting Started Training immediately after joining SFI. Then go to growyourteam.net to receive your e-book and/or website that helps you start building your downline as easily as possible.

Not only will you get a grasp of what you will be doing, but you will be able to explain what SFI is to others. Which can drastically increase your down line when people realize that you actually know what you are talking about.

The 3 Basic Steps To SFI Are:

1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month.
2. Recruit affiliates and help them reach EA.
3. Show your affiliates how to gain affiliates.

It sounds easy, but nothing in life is easy. Becoming successful at anything requires time, money, motivation and dedication. SFI is no different.

Like I mentioned earlier, your goal is to recruit PSA or PRM who are active and purchase products at TripleClicks, which will lead to commissions.

11 Reasons Why The SFI Comp Plan is the best:

1. Clean, simple, generous, and fair!

2. No purchase requirements…ever!

3. Start earning income immediately just by doing simple free actions!

4. Earn up to six different ways: Direct Commissions, TripleClicks Executive Pool, Co-Sponsor Commissions, TCredits Bonus, ECA Royalties, and SFI Pay-Per-Action!

5. Qualify for EVERY type of compensation with as little as 1500 VP a month!

6. All qualifying VP can be generated with just actions, or combinations of actions and sales!

7. A huge 40% of the Commission Volume (CV) on EVERY sale at TripleClicks.com goes into the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Share in this big, companywide pool with a minimum of just 1500 VP a month!

8. With OVER 90000 available products from more than 130 countries, TripleClicks.com has something for everyone. This makes selling products online both fun and lucrative. And it’s even easier to earn VP with Transfer Buying (buying from TripleClicks.com the products you already buy elsewhere)!

9. Fast upfront compensation and great long-term residual income potential too!

10. There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Go as wide as you want while also earning deep into your organization via the TripleClicks Executive Pool!

11. Get paid in your country’s currency via our Payoneer™ MasterCard or via check or PayPal. See our Getting Paid FAQs for more information HERE.

What I recommend now is to go ahead and join SFI for Free and click the rocket ship in the right hand corner of the Affiliate Center and go through each chapter after setting up your account, then go through each individual lesson and you will fully understand what SFI and TripleClicks are and what they offer and provide you with.

If you have any questions or if you need help with anything, leave a comment down below and I will get back to you very soon.

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